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AssetCentral is the leading Data Center & IT Asset Management software solution

AlphaPoint Technology is the leading provider of IT Asset Management software and Data Center Management Software. AssetCentral is a cutting-edge, intuitive, web-based IT Asset Management software (ITAM) and Data Center management software (DCIM) solution that empowers IT professionals to simplify data center operations, streamline processes, implement best practices, improve service delivery, mitigate risk, and help drive green Data Center initiatives.

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Data Center Management Software by AlphaPoint Technology

Data Center Management

AssetCentral provides IT and Facilities managers the ability to clearly visualize their Data Center infrastructure, manage the placement of IT equipment, keep an accurate track of Data Center assets and make informed capacity management decisions. AssetCentral is easy to implement, integrate and administer providing a proven ROI.

IT Asset Management

ITAM continues to be mission critical as IT managers struggle to optimize costs in a sustainable fashion. AssetCentral responds to this challenge with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. AssetCentral is a single common interface allowing a variety of system management resources including; auditing of cabinets, IT devices and their network and power connections.

IT Asset Management Software by AlphaPoint Technology

Connectivity Management

AssetCentral manages power connections from source to device and all points in between, as well as, tracking the physical network layer between devices. Offering an end-to-end view of available power, network connections while concurrently improving uptime, providing more efficiency and better visibility in to the Data Center.

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