Welcome to AlphaPoint Technology

Our Vision

Our principal objective is to become the leading provider of Sales Enablement, Business Intelligence and Sales Analytics technologies and services. Our technologies enable organizations to accelerate revenue by addressing the problem of improving sales target attainment. To meet these goals, we are aggressively assembling a portfolio of high-quality businesses and establishing a sustainable business model to achieve superior and sustainable financial results.

Investor Info

AlphaPoint Technology trades under the symbol APPO.OB on the OTC Market. Access our current SEC filings and other investor-related documents and information.

Our Strategy

From information technology to sales enablement, business intelligence and big data analytics, we are singularly focused on technologies that fit our new vision, values and acquisition strategy.

Who We Are

Today, AlphaPoint Technology continues its journey supported by a seasoned executive team and a common technology and administrative infrastructure.

Our Recent Aqusition

We are building a portfolio of high-quality businesses with top caliber executives and management teams. AlphaPoint pursues acquisition opportunities for which we can support the management team in growing and enhancing the value of the business. We are at the forefront of an evolving Revenue Acceleration Sector/Sales Enablement landscape, and our new acquisition of STR underscores our commitment to help companies accelerate sales productivity and revenue.