2011 Best In Mobilizing Business Applications

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By: Mobile Enterprise

AlphaPoint Technology – Honorable Mention

Tracking IT Assets With an App

Software firm develops a cross-platform application that enables IT pros to manage their assets via smartphone and tablet.

AlphaPoint Technology, based in Bradenton, Fla., is an IT asset management software company. “In order to have an accurate and precise count of your IT assets, the data collection and inventory management procedures should be as efficient as possible,” explains Gary Macleod, CEO. In the past, data collection and inventory management procedures were a very manual process. “We would have on-site audit teams, which would take physical inventories of data centers,” he continues.

AlphaPoint worked with the Warshaw Group to develop a front-end mobile software solution to integrate with AssetCentral, AlphaPoint’s flagship product, which makes it easy to track and manage IT assets.

AlphaPoint selected the mobile inventory functionality of Mobile Validity, Warshaw’s mobile app development platform, to enhance the overall user experience of AssetCentral. The app is compatible with iPad, BlackBerry, and Motion Computing’s F5 tablet. It was rolled out in November 2010.

“Now, it is more of a one-person process, where a technician goes up to a server and inputs the information into an application, using a form that is built onto the device,” explains Macleod. “The device also takes photos. It is a more advanced way of tracking the data.”

Mobilization of the data collection process has provided a number of benefits, including an increase in the accuracy of the data, which reduced the need for re-inventory by more than 75%. There’s been a 55% reduction in time spent on initial inventory, and reporting capabilities have improved and allowed for better decision-making.

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