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AlphaPoint Technology (OTC:APPO) is a publicly-traded enterprise software company known for its premier patent-pending software  AssetCentral that manages IT asset management (ITAM) for enterprise and data center clients.  From AssetCentral,  AlphaPoint Technology has identified the growing complexity and scope of the current methodology with Software Asset Management (SAM). The issues are expanding exponentially in scope and complexity, as a result, its increasingly disconnecting assets and stakeholders making reconciliation and audits increasingly unmanageable with conventional methods.

Alphapoint Technology is responding to this problem by developing  a solution, connecting software, hardware entitlements to their license and components with the software decision-makers to drive automation with transparency to reduce Software Asset Management content, effort, and cost

 License true-ups ----

---- Audit and legal cost

 Lost control over software estate ----

The Problem? 

Software assets are disconnected from decisions makers

 ---- License over spending

---- Broken trust relationship with vendors and customers

Incapacity to reconcile ----

Our solution collects software license and device information via a non-evasive collection utility that deploys via enterprises login or maintenance procedures. 




Eliminate Silos,  Connect, Validated and Share


The collection utility reports to receiver nodes that apply collected software, and hardware information as a transaction to a blockchain to get validated and shared. The client access portal provides a user interface that reads from the blockchain and provides a visual map of the license landscape, audit reports for reconciliation, evaluation and SAM self-audits.




Imagine a whole new delivery process for tracking assets. By using the business network offered in blockchain technology, all parties involved in a transaction on any key data element will be able to avoid disputes, have access to the single verification of status in near real-time, and mitigate, if not eliminate, software compliance exposures and even audits. We are moving away from reactive, mid-value service via administration and analytics to high-value, automated services that integrate all the necessary parties transacting on data with proactive checks in a new process that eliminates any redundancy, validations, reconciliations, and compliance documentation.

The Result

Blockchain technology enables businesses to form a network that coordinates sharing of one or more ledgers. These shared ledgers differ from traditional databases in several ways. Most importantly, the ledgers are decentralized. Rather than being controlled by a single administrator or company, the ledger is controlled by the parties that share the ledger. Blockchain technology has four fundamental elements: a shared ledger, peer consensus, smart contracts (business rules), and privacy.

The Future Of Asset Management is Coming!

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