About Us

AlphaPoint Technology (OTC: APPO) is a technology holding and service company established in 2009. Its mission is to pursue suitable acquisitions for its portfolio by identifying companies requiring assistance in their next phases of growth, both organically and via add-on acquisitions. AlphaPoint strives to add immediate and measurable value to such firms by using proven leadership experience that includes everything from cash flow optimization techniques, realignment of cost structures, development of capital and liquidity strategies, and transitioning from a private to a public entity.

Our mission is to identify firms that are already generating sales and positive cash flow, though we will make exceptions in selected special situations. We seek companies that are already demonstrating a propensity from strong management, with the goal of minimizing our direct involvement in the daily management of the companies.

We may take on director roles, though that is not typically emphasized and, and in general would only be for a short or transition period. Our overarching goal (and preferred engagement) is to maintain the independence of the companies.

Management Team

Our Strategy