AlphaPoint recognizes an opportunity to improve IT asset management offerings through the use of blockchain technology. A blockchain would capture all transactions and state changes that occur as an asset moves from manufacturing to deployment, including those actions that occur outside of a company’s systems.

Eliminate The Silos & Connect ALL  Asset Lifecycle Data

Blockchain technology enables businesses to form a network that coordinates sharing of one or more ledgers. These shared ledgers differ from traditional databases in several ways. Most importantly, the ledgers are decentralized. Rather than being controlled by a single administrator or company, the ledger is controlled by the parties that share the ledger. Blockchain technology has four fundamental elements: a shared ledger, peer consensus, smart contracts (business rules), and privacy.

This blockchain would provide a single source of verification for core information about each asset. This way, no matter what happens to an asset as it moves through the supply chain, all stakeholders and systems would know its status.










The Result

The management of hardware and software assets has become a complex process within distributed environments. Historically, we often found that enterprises seek out third-party tools and services to obtain better control of their IT environment and to improve the inventory compliance posture in their organizations. These factors, coupled with the proliferation (and redundancy) of IT data repositories and system designs/process flows, make the most simplistic definition of "tracking an asset" complex, prone to inaccuracy, and with long delays in accessing critical information needed by service actors. The thought of secure data sitting in a highly restricted repository is now changing to cloud-based applications with aggregation and cognition of related metadata to bring renewed trust in data. Yes, automation strategies have addressed internal, back-office functions, but rarely do they give direct benefit to clients.


Our vision is a blockchain-based system to replace many of the legacy processes, tasks, and manual actions taken by various service delivery providers throughout the process. The system will replace inconsistent and out-of-sync data with a "block" of information that serves as the ultimate and immutable system of record truth, available in near real-time for all actors to use for ongoing information and transactions. Partnering with additional suppliers and clients is equally important to ensure the system is built to client needs and expectations.

Imagine a whole new delivery process for tracking assets. By using the business network offered in blockchain technology, all parties involved in a transaction on any key data element will be able to avoid disputes, have access to the single verification of status in near real-time, and mitigate, if not eliminate, software compliance exposures and even audits. We are moving away from reactive, mid-value service via administration and analytics to high-value, automated services that integrate all the necessary parties transacting on data with proactive checks in a new process that eliminates any redundancy, validations, reconciliations, and compliance documentation.

The Future Of IT Asset Management is Coming!

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