Data Center Management

Data Center Management

Optimize IT operations with data center management software

AssetCentral breaks down the traditional barriers of data center management (DCM) by incorporating powerful easy to use features and management essentials in an affordable package. Our approach to “A Single Pane of Glass” is driven by AssetCentral’s simplicity, visualization, customization and integration with existing or 3rd party monitoring tools. By improving data center management processes an organization can optimize their data center operations while saving time and reducing costs.

The AlphaPoint Technology Deployment Methodology

If you are deploying AssetCentral’s data center management solution, enterprise asset management solution, or the Connectivity Module, our deployment methodology and experienced professional services team is comprised of a variety of key stages to support your AssetCentral installation with proven methodology and competency.

A combination of Assessment and Design components with comprehensive Installation Development and Deployment ensures a smooth and rapid Transition to AssetCentral on your environment including Virtual appliances. Our comprehensive training on how to use our solutions enable you to maintain a system that is always up to date with accurate IT Asset information, which can improve data center management processes as well as other asset management operations.

Data Center Management Software Deployment Methodology

Professional Data Center Software Services

Data Loading ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) Service

Data center management specialists validate your organization’s asset inventory data. This data can either come from the results of an on-site inventory conducted by AlphaPoint and/or the results of a verified automated discovery of your assets. Once the data has been verified our specialist translates the data and uploads it into AssetCentral.


The translated data, floor plans, library and locations then gets uploaded into AssetCentral to create the ultimate baseline of your company’s asset information.


Once your asset information and data has been successfully uploaded into the AssetCentral ITAM software, it is then installed behind your firewall in the location specified in the initial statement of work.


AssetCentral goes through a final stage of regression testing to ensure a smooth transition to your company.


We include comprehensive data center management training and IT asset management training for AssetCentral Admins and Users and we will also provide on-line documentation. Our training can be delivered:

  • On-site (by request)
  • Virtually (unlimited number of people)
  • Educational Webinars (latest industry trends)

Integration Services

AlphaPoint Technology can also provide services that enable the successful integration of AssetCentral into third party solutions. View our other data center management or IT Asset Management software pages to learn more about AssetCentral.

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