DCIM Software: Getting Started with Data Center Management

Getting Started with DCIM Software

The challenge many companies face when getting started with DCIM Software is that they are afraid that implementing a full-scale solution will take too long or cost too much. The impression that many companies have is that DCIM solutions (data center infrastructure management software) is very complicated to set up and manage. While fully mature DCIM software implementations can be complicated, getting started doesn’t have to be.

DCIM Software Adds Value

DCIM Software for Data Center Infrastructure ManagementThe value realized from your DCIM software deployment is directly related to the discipline with which it is used by the entire data center staff. Most critical is the initial population and ongoing maintenance of the DCIM database. Some DCIM solution vendors provide tools that will automate much of the initial discovery and data capture of your assets/infrastructure – physical and virtual systems, cabling and power chain. These tools can import data from your existing spreadsheets and other sources, first validating, matching and synchronizing with the discovered data. This is one of the major benefits to using AssetCentral as a data center infrastructure management software solution.

Like any other software solution the value realized from a DCIM solution implementation is directly related to the discipline with which it is used by the entire data center staff. One of the major variables is also how tightly integrated it is with other IT processes and software being used in-house. While your ultimate goal might be to reach the upper right of the DCIM Maturity Model (see diagram) be aware that a fully mature DCIM deployment is not necessary to receive a tremendous amount of value from the data center management software. In fact, just taking the first step from managing multiple spreadsheets and floor plan diagrams into a consolidated view with a single version of the truth is a very affordable first step that can return huge benefits.

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