DCIM Solutions: Value & Features

The Value in DCIM Solutions

There is tremendous value that DCIM solutions offer for companies willing to invest in their implementation. Some of the long-term benefits include significant cost-savings, data center optimization and efficiency, a reduction in energy consumption, and much more. When getting started with DCIM solutions one of the most fundamental areas of concern is the initial population and ongoing maintenance of the DCIM database. AssetCentral is a leading DCIM solution that will automate the initial discovery and data capture of your data center infrastructure and all IT assets. AssetCentral offers an intuitive system for data center managers to use from day one in order to implement an effective data center infrastructure management solution.

Data Center Infrastructure Management: The General Components

AssetCentral’s functionality is broken down into two primary components for users. These two components allow users to store all of the valuable data and information about their assets, as well as provide a simple and intuitive method of asset tracking and discovery. These two primary components are what make AssetCentral a leading data center management solution.

A Single Repository:

AssetCentral DCIM Solutions

  • AssetCentral offers one accurate, authoritative database to house all data from across all data centers and sites of all physical assets, including data center layout, with detailed data for IT, power and HVAC equipment and end-to-end network and power cable connections.

Asset Discovery and Tracking:

  • Tools to capture assets, their details, relationships and interdependencies.

More About Data Center Management

Learn more about how our leading DCIM solution solution can help optimize your data center operations. AssetCentral can make a difference, and we would love to show you first-hand why this is an industry-leading solution. Read more about improving DCIM operations, or request a free AssetCentral demo and begin the process now.

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