ITAM Software

ITAM Software

Calculating the ROI of IT asset management software

IT asset management software can prove to be one of the most valuable investments an organization can make. For a complete and accurate understanding of the potential return on investment (ROI) of ITAM software, project leaders must fully consider all the costs associated with the IT Asset Management initiative from start to finish.

ITAM Software Application Costs

  • The money invested in the software application itself, whether it utilizes a subscription based pricing model, hosted, or on premise model and the costs associated with either. With an on premise model does you organization have the bandwidth and resources to host such a solution within your current network? With hosted models is it a monthly or yearly contract? What other software is required for the solution such as operating systems.

ITAM Integration and Deployment

  • Expenses involved in installing, setting up, and deploying the solution. This also includes training for staff.

Ongoing Expenses With the Software

  • These would include Admin costs, maintenance, support, trouble shooting and version upgrades.

Benefits of IT Asset Management Software

By expanding ITAM beyond the data center to track and manage IT assets such as PC’s, organizations can see a continued ROI that is both significant and measurable. Although we have stressed that in some cases “selling” a project to senior executives may be challenging but the overall cost savings and reduced risks to the organization make ITAM software a compelling business case.

ITAM SoftwareIn reality, IT asset management software will not only help reduce long-term costs, but it’s powerful effects can be felt almost upon implementation company-wide. Please download the PDF located on the left to assist these project managers and outline the steps necessary to create a compelling business case for a PC Management solution in addition to the ITAM solution necessary for your data center. This document will discuss the various costs involved with implementing an ITAM project and highlight the key areas where ITAM solutions can make an impact on a company’s bottom line. Finally, it will highlight ways to present these benefits to executives that will win the support (and funding) for an enterprise-wide PC management and IT asset management solution.

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